5 Unhealthy Habits That Can Cause Hearing Loss

You may not be attuned to it, but one aspect of health you may be unaware of is just how intricately connected your hearing is to the functioning of your entire body. This has been backed up by research through studies that have made a correlation between one part of the body affecting the hearing, posing adverse affects tied to an unhealthy habit. In this article, we’ll check out ways in which you may be engaging in unhealthy habits on a daily basis and what kind of negative impact those habits can have on your hearing.

Exposing Yourself to Loud Noises

When you expose yourself to very loud noises, such as concerts, you put yourself at risk for both temporary and long-term damage to your ears due in large part to the pulsations of the speakers. It doesn’t need to be a loud rock concert, though. Have you ever cranked up the volume on your video games or television when the game is on? This can turn a single negative habit into a negative cumulative effect on your hearing.


As one of the unhealthiest habits that can harm not only your lungs but your hearing as well, you may not realize smoking can affect your hearing. However, it does indeed pose a significant threat because of the harmful chemicals in the cigarettes that can harm the delicate vibration sensors in the ears. What happens is that the ears have to work all that much harder to perceive small amounts of sounds. Avoid this unhealthy habit, which can impact your health beyond simply losing weight.

Using an MP3 Player

Hate to sit through a boring lecture hall or want to drown out the noises in a loud public place? Your answer may be to don ear phones or ear buds and turn the volume way up. This practice, however, carries with it a serious side effect – to your hearing. Whenever you put music on in this way, you are channeling all that loud sound directly into your inner ear. The result? There’s no place for that sound to diffuse and that extra energy crashes against the eardrum to bring on significant damage over time.

Not Visiting Your Doctor

If you take a relaxed approach to your health, you may not visit the doctor unless it is an emergency. But you should really go to regular appointments with your healthcare provider so he or she can track any changes in your hearing, determine your hearing risk, and let you know ways in which you can employ a healthier overall lifestyle, thereby lowering your risk of hearing loss.

Living a Sedentary Lifestyle

In many nations, a new health danger is becoming more and more prevalent: obesity. A sedentary lifestyles contributes to this, plus it’s known to cause diabetes. This devastating disease leads to lowered circulation throughout the body, having a direct link with a high chance of experiencing hearing loss. You don’t have to let this happen, however; you can eat a healthy diet and exercise every day to improve your chances.