Costco vs a Hearing Instrument Specialist – Hearing Aid Quality and Service Comparison

While the temptation may be great to check out the ear care department of a Costco or Walmart the next time you have an ear problem or want to be evaluated for a hearing device, restrain yourself. Sure, it’s convenient since you’ve got to do your shopping anyway, but big box stores don’t offer the same dedication to quality of care that hearing instrument specialist do. Professional ear doctors, on the other hand, give you the personalized service you crave while performing a stellar job in terms of hearing damage evaluations and treatments. When you rely on the fast-food mentality of big box store patient services, you’re actually paying a big price for that convenience. Don’t enlist help with care that can be detrimental to your hearing health. Instead, learn the ways why it’s always good to see a HIS instead.

Cost Efficiency

There’s no doubt about it: the big box stores will convince you their prices are the lowest. It sounds tempting, but what are you really getting for that price? It could be sub-part products and services, and who really ends up the winner in the end? Buying from a HIS may sound pricey at first, but then you consider you’re getting the best possible quality as well as a cost that’s often times offset by insurance. Seeing the doctor can actually save you money in the long run because you won’t have to worry about investing in a poor quality product. Getting personalized attention from an HIS ensures your hearing health is well taken care of.


An unquestionable reason for making an appointment with a HIS is – you guessed correctly – high quality products made by the top manufacturers. While you can’t always guarantee the quality you get from a big box store, you know a professional HIS won’t steer you wrong. These false promises of quality in stores unfortunately leads many customers to think they’re getting a great deal only to experience hearing device malfunction later. This can include interference or lousy acoustics, which is what happens many times with big box stores. Instead, rest easy knowing you’re purchasing products through an experienced HIS who has the proven expertise to match you with the best product for your requirements, thus supporting your investment.

Professional Value

When you consider the professionalism between big box stores and a HIS, the difference is shockingly clear. Boasting in-depth knowledge of the ear canal and related systems, your HIS brings a certain level of expertise to the table that other employees in stores simply cannot. Your HIS knows when to treat you for a hearing problem and how best to go about it because she can determine the cause of the underlying issue rather than slap a bandage on it.