Foods that can Prevent Hearing Loss – and Hearing Aids

While fruits and vegetables, along with fish and even dark chocolate, do a lot to boost your overall health, they also have a hidden benefit: they improve your hearing health and curb hearing damage. Sure, we all know that hearing health declines as we get older, making us more susceptible to hearing damage. But you may have missed the memo that the foods you consume may help curb the chance of developing hearing loss over time. Protection of your ears is paramount to a healthy diet, which is backed by evidence that’s emerged saying healthy foods that are good for our bodies overall are also good for our ears. Check out the following foods that directly impact the health of your ears.

Dark Chocolate

Didn’t think dark chocolate was good for you? Well, perhaps you knew it contains antioxidants that are good for your body in moderation, but maybe you didn’t know this sweet treat can actually prevent hearing loss. This indulgence – taken in moderation – can contribute to the health of your ears thanks to the high amounts of zinc it contains along with other important antioxidants. Alternatively, you can take a zinc supplement every day to achieve the same results.

The Power of Veggies

Getting enough vegetables in your diet, especially the cruciferous powerhouse broccoli, helps you boost your overall health along with the health of your ears. Crammed with several vital vitamins and minerals that keep free radicals from doing long-term damage to the tissue in your ears, vegetables should be a constant part of your daily diet. In addition, you’ll notice that your hair and skin will become healthier as well.

Salmon and Similar Fish

If you’re thinking about having a fish dinner tonight, go for it. Reach for the salmon if you’ve got a choice, and you’ll reap the benefits of the many omega-3 fatty acids that fish comprises. This crucial nutritional element to your hearing health also boosts the blood flow throughout your entire body. The more blood flow in your ears, the better it is for your hearing. Choose fish – and their fatty acids – for keeping your blood pumping strong and preventing hearing damage well into your senior years.

Better Health with Bananas

Filled with magnesium, it’s no wonder bananas are nature’s perfect fruit. You get countless overall health benefits with bananas but you also get the specific benefits of improved hearing health. Great for your waistline and your ears, reach for a banana and get the benefit of magnesium for curbing hearing damage.

Citrus Fruits: Lemon and Orange

When thinking of the perfect fruit to guard against ear infections, reach for the citrus fruits. Oranges and lemons are jam packed with vitamins C and E, which are known to prevent hearing loss by keeping damaging ear infections at bay. Did you know that leaving untreated ear infections can lead to the development of chronic hearing damage? Pick up an orange or lemon today!