Hearing Dogs – Assistance for hearing loss and the deaf

By now, of course, you’ve heard of seeing eye dogs who are trained to help individuals who are blind in their daily activities. However, the last decade has seen the emergence of hearing dogs who are capable of helping the hearing-impaired community. This has brought about the training of many different breeds of dogs, such as Labradors and Golden Retrievers, so they can help individuals who suffer from hearing loss get about better in their daily lives. In this piece, we will examine the training and benefits that are offered by these hearing dogs.

Obtaining a Dog: the Requirements

The prerequisites to obtaining a hearing dog are many. In order to be a good candidate, you must fill out an application and show proof of being at least 18 years old. You should also have a friend or family member in mind who can provide assistance with in-home training of the dog. Via the application process, it will be assessed whether or not you can provide an adequate living space for your hearing dog. The final step? You need to attend canine training and go back on a yearly basis to follow up on additional training and tracking. In return, you will be rewarded with a hearing dog that can make your daily life easier while providing friendly companionship at the same time.

Training Regimen Involved

These amazing hearing dogs, who are uniquely trained to alert the individual with hearing loss, must go through between four and six months of training. This is so that the proper temperament can be honed and developed in order to comply with this type of job. Trained to respond to several different sounds—like doorbells, fire alarms and telephones – these dogs are then placed with their partner and trained with even more additional sounds to gel with their specific lives.

Hearing Dogs: How They Help Their Owners

Once placed with their partner, hearing dogs are put through three weeks of personalized care custom tailored to ensure they make a good match. Upon completion of training, hearing dogs can help their deaf or hearing impaired owners with a variety of services that make their daily lives easier. This is done through alerts of various sounds around the house, plus they can communicate in several different situations.

When walking through town and a fire engine approaches, for example, your dog is not specifically trained to alert you to the actual sound, but you will be able to tell from their body language that something is amiss. After a long period of time with your dog, you will find that you will determine additional sounds and situations as it pertains to your partner’s specific reactions. The bottom line is that eventually, your hearing dog will be able to pick up on anything you need to be specifically alerted to.