Advancements in Digital Hearing Aids

The growth of digital hearing aids is amazing. While some digital devices are available with remote controls that allow the user to adjust various settings, others come with omni-directional microphones to detect sound from multiple directions. Most … [Read more]

The Many Functions of Digital Earplugs

There has been a change in how people wish to approach their hearing health, one of the latest being ear plugs. This is one of the most popular ways that individuals are beginning to protect and improve their hearing. That being said, ear plugs, like … [Read more]

Hearing Loss and Diabetes

Exploring the link between hearing loss and diabetes is easy when you have dedicated researchers with 20,000 people at their disposal. Although most people don't correlate diabetes with hearing loss but the two conditions are actually closely r … [Read more]

Examining the Efficacy of Hearing Loops

Hearing loops are designed to ramp up the listening experience for wearers of hearing aids. This is due to the technology that allows cables and telecoils to work in tandem to pick up on conversations without the added distraction of background … [Read more]

Evolution of Hearing Aids

Hearing aids have become one of the most important devices for people in the medical community. They allow people with hearing loss to take much more control of their lives and to experience autonomy that is not available to them otherwise. With more … [Read more]